Did you ever had the feeling your or your colleagues technical usable knowledge is decreasing ? Basically this is a normal process. Your knowledge will decrease if you don't use it on regular bases.

Verhulst - Software & Elektronica offers technical trainings to increase your electronics knowledge.

We are able to offer you trainings that cover the next items:
- general items: Voltage, Current, Voltagesource, Currentsource
- general measurement methods: Analyses with digital multimeter and oscilloscoop
- general knowledge about: resistors, capacitors, inductance, diode, transistor, transformers
- intergrated circuits: opamp-amplifiers, optocouplers, logic, microcontrollers
- system control
- logical thinking during maintenance
- statistical machine control
- computer based measurementsystems
- learning about eachother experience

Example 1: The darlington transistor. This common used transistor is used in PLC's and controls en is explained in the training, including praktical demonstrations..

Example 2. Zenerdiode. Of course a zenerdiode can be used in many ways. Below you see an example taken from the training in which the zenerdiode behaves as overvoltagelimiter in combination with a lowpass filter.

Of course many trainings must be custom made. The availible technology in your company in combination with the knowlegd of your people generate the demands for the training. You are always welcome to explain your expectations and we will offer a suitable training.

During the trainings we use electronics, several ways of measurement, components and testsystems. The theory will be explained by using powerpointpresentations.

If you have questions about the possibilities for your company, please feel free to ask: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it