Single Chamber Controller

In this example the Single Chamber Controller is used as a stand-alone-etch module. It offers the possibility to run a plasma-etch step on a product. The processchamber used comes form a multichamber productionmachine. This module makes it possible, to run this full featured chamber, without the need of installation of a complete standard productionmachine. It saves on space and costs as well. The gassystem is based on 'lecture' bottles that are mounted to the side of the supportframe.

The complete electronics is mounted into the frame that hold the chamber as well. 75% of the electronics is a base-system, were the remaining part is custom for the process to be controlled. The electronics and software can be adapted to customer needs on demand.


This concept is also prepaired to be expanded to automated handling, and also it is possible to expand to a full productionplatform on demand.

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