EPS15 Endpoint System

The "EPS15"-system makes it possible to detect optical emission endpoint in your process. By using different algorithms it is possible to detect endpoint:
- percentage, increasing or decreasing
- slope, positive or negative
- maximum or minimum peakdetection
- horizontal from slope positive or negative


Download: PDF-Datasheet

New: Process Condition Monitoring (ProCoM)
The readout of a spectrum from 200 - 1100nm makes it possible to detect plasma-condition changes.

The system is designed as universal as possible. Several standard interfacing methods are available:
- by operator or automatic
- digital inputs
- RS232 connection

Is is possible to add extra feature to improve the process control or monitoring:
- Statistical machine controle by using control charts
- Signal instability-detection

Of course it is possible to implement your own specific demands to the system.



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