Verhulst - Software & Elektronica uses the Windows-bases programminglanguage Delphi. This language offers very good possibilities to build reliable machine-computer interfaces. De advantages of industrial electronics combined with the possibilities of modern computersystems are obviously visible. This creates a technical base for several measurement methods and solutions.

Some possibilities:
- complete equipmentcontrol by custom software, build as needed
- measurementdata analysis, calculations, statistical analysis
- equipment datastorage
- equipment history including failureanalysis for maintenanceimprovement programs
- readout of industrial camera systems (We use uEye camera-systems)
- possibilities to generate 2D barcodes directly from the software

2D barcode example: product-ID, calibration data:

Use of an industrial camerasystem makes it possible to take pictures during specified situations.

The layout-designer makes it possible to generate a custom build computerscreen:

By using the editor, the actual program is being written to termine the actual software:

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