PCB Modification

Verhulst - Software & Elektronica offers you the possibilty to improve your existing pcb's when needed. For example adding measurementpoints on a pcb offers you extra possibilities to systemanalysis as well. Measurement signals are often only available on circuit-level. Why not add the measurement directly form the source ? Many dated industrial systems do not have the ability to register data. By adding measurementpoints to existing electronics, it will become possible to measure data with a microcontroller- or pc-measurementsystem. The main function of the electronics does not change, but you will get all the advantages of modern dataanalysis that will lead to an increase of machinecontrol, down-situationanalysis and preventive maintenance.

Of course we also offer you the possibilties to improve electronics by using modern technique. In many cases a combination of modern electronics and proven components are used. This will increase the possibilities, but will keep your electronics reliable.

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