Environment Measure

The Environment Air/CO2 meter can be used to display temperature, humidity and CO-2 values. It warns you if the CO2 levels reach not wanted levels. On several locations the display showed users more ventilation was needed. Especially in areas were more people are present, the air ventilation is often insufficient. For example: At approx. 55% of a series of tested schools the CO2-levels were above the desired limit.

The environment-meter is especially design for used in room alike public buildings, schools and offices. The value indicated in the middle is the CO2 value. Temnperature and humidity are displayed as a bargraph. A colorbar (red/yellow/green) indicates if the CO2-level warnings.

The range of the temperature is 15 to 30 degrees celcius. The humidity is measured from 20 to 80%.CO2 levels can be displayed to 2000 PPM.

The CO2 indication translated:
Green: Sufficient fresh air, CO2-value < 800PPM
Yellow: Poor fresh air, CO2-value > 800PPM and < 1200PPM
Red: Not sufficient fresh air, CO2-value > 1200PPM

The environment measurement is also available as closed box, with USB-datalogging option. This allows the user to monitor the environmental data over longer time.


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