Within a technical installation, equipment or measuringsystem, in many occasions, the electronics will be very important. Without the electronics, the machine or system won't be able to work. The creation of reliable electronics, demand high standards and specification. The electronics actually controls your equipment.

Verhulst - Software & Elektronica designs and builds electronics for various applications. Due to the use of electronics inside industriel applications a lot of attention is paid to quality, reliability and usability. During design the demands and specifications of the costumer are being aligned with to possible solutions we can offer:
- does the customer already have a design, or do we design for you ?
- what will be the function of the product ?
- in which environment will the product be used ?
- are there special demands regarding maintenance ?
- is there a need for training within your organisation, either for the designed product, or in general electronics ?

We will use this information to design a product, which fits your demands as good as possible. We offer you a complete product, starting with the inventarisation of the demands, all the way to the implementation including training of your team if this is needed.

We will use:
- professional design software to create the printed circuit boards (PCB's).
- dubbelsided or multilayer PCB's.
- PCB's are coated with a corrosionresistant layer
- tracewidth from 5 mill = 0.12 mm upwards are possible
- 'through the hole' or 'surface mount technology' can be used

Verhulst - Software & Elektronica coorporates with E-Design BV to be able to cover small numbers of PCB's and customer specific demands.
More information on E-Design can be found at:

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