Together with VMS ( a new force-regulator for a concrete test bench has been designed. The Forcebench is being used to break a concrete piece. De Force will be increased until the testpiece breaks. The Force at which the testpiece breaks is being measured to determine the characteristics of the concrete. A computerinterface, electronics is being used in combinatie with a software controlled PID regulator. The regulator controls the forceincrease to be at a constant level.The complete system, form analog measurement until software was desinged and build by Verhulst - Software & Elektronica. Het complete meetsystem, inclusief interface, aansturing proprotioneel klep en de benodigde software zijn door ons ontwikkeld gebouwd en getest.

The maximum pressure reached is approx. 200 Bar. This equals a Fore of about 200kN.

The software will indicate a graph with the result of the force measurement. At the end of a test the needed values are being caculated.

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